Space Dance Jan 9 - 25 2009, Thailand

Dance Workshop, Performance, Installation & Media Collaboration that explores the story of our human sensitivity and the sensuality of our existence through the interactions we have with ourselves in the Tubespace. In the Tubespace installation bodies move and expose the shape of reality, a space that is fluctuating between the virtual and the real. We are confronted by the actuality of spatial unity between the internal and external landscapes of being. A new sensory experience unfolds from the Tubespace.

Workshop with Tetsuro Fukuhara

For dancers, theatre- and performance- artists

Performance Space Dance in the Tube on the Fringe Festival 2009 in Ratchburi

The workshop culminates in a performance that will be developed by the participants

Installation of the Tubes and Media Environment

Co-Created by

Tetsuro Fukuhara, Butoh Master Artist (Tokyo Space Dance)


Media Artist, Patrick Palucki,

Director/Designer, Ruth Pongstaphone,

Butoh dancer, Thanapol Virulhakul,

& the participants of Space Dance in the Tube Thailand 2009.

Produced by Dhamma Theatre West,

Hosted at The Patravadi Theatre Bangkok & Suan Silp Ratchburi

Performance January 24 & 25 Suan Silp International Fringe Festival 2009 Ratchburi

Space Dance in the Tube Thailand 2009

International Butoh-based dance, new movement, and contemplative insight meditation & performance workshop for artistic and human development.

Participants have the opportunity to:

Experience Butoh as a transformational dance with Tetsuro Fukuhara, Director of Tokyo Space Dance, who describes, “Japanese Butoh is as a wonderful dance art to develop the human body into a new body, one that can express the beauty of current times.”

Work with techniques from Samatha & Vipassana Buddhist meditation to release the mind and empty the body to create communion with the environment and exploration without conceptualization.

Discover Space Dance, body performance in the Tube Space and the interconnectedness between internal and external space, through the Tube installation, Visual Media, and interaction.

Co-create a new performative world of space, architecture and inhabitants, who exchange ideas with other artists in an engaging cultural art dialogue and collaborative contemporary performance.

Encounter, interact and perform with audiences of different cultural experiences, curiosities, and reactions and share the journey in Tube Space

Dance can be the language of the true self in its existence.

Dancing in the tube is a New Movement Interaction between the body and it´s environment. With the tube the body develops a new dance, and explores intuitive new postures caused by the Tube. The discoveries made by the dancers in the workshop will evolve into an un-choreographed environmental performance. Working in the Tube with Tetsuro and in dialogue with visual artists, Ruth Pongstaphone and Patrick Palucki, the Tube dance will evolve into what Space Dance seeks to construct, a new relationship between the body and the technology that bridges Dance, Architecture, Information, and Design. Space Dance creates an appearance of the unity between the body, space, and objects. It is not uncommon for people to forget the unity of these three elements in their daily life. Questions are: How can we get the sensation of this unity back? How can we enjoy the sensation of this unity? How can we create new designs by using these sensitive experiences?

This workshop is a confluence of the ultra modern, high tech, ancient, primordial, sacred, the Outer and the Inner. The dance journey through the Tube is revitalizing the connection of being in the body and sensory experience.

Space Dance in the Tube Thailand 2009

Workshop with Tetsuro Fukuhara

Space Dance in the Tube Thailand 2009


Tube Space

The Tube is an installation of several tubes of specially developed micro fiber space age textile that is hung and stretched from several points within an environment. Each tube supports the weight of human beings moving through suspended areas and creates a morphing cocoon of internal and external space.

The Tube Space is an affinitive space in which body and space respond one to one. It recovers the intimacy of the body and space. The developments of our times are characterized by a decline of direct physical action and experience and an increase of telematics and virtuality in lifestyle, recreation, work and production-methods. Fukuhara aims to recover the kinetic sensation of the body in space.

Media Environment

Inner & outer realities collide with our sense understanding as the camera and media explores the landscape in its own performance causing self interaction for the dancer through layers of reflection in the environment that morphs with their own movement.

Why is Space Dance and Tube Space important to explore?

‘Now we have a serious crisis that threatens our existence. In our continuous search for convenience and comfort in today's information society, we began to lose our sense of raw reality, our kinetic sense, and our physical sensations. As one characteristic phenomenon, we have a difficult social condition where we can't judge the difference exactly between the real image and the virtual image.

We need the recovery of the physical sensations, and the recognition of ourselves as a real existence with the body. Moreover, the needed education is not a selection about the real or the virtual, at first it is a judgment about its difference, then most important education is a development of the ability to produce its compound according to our necessity. We think that this point is very important for the new scientific education for children. To revive our kinetic sensation from our unconsciousness fields. I would like to call to everybody to join this experimental experience." Tetsuro Fukuhara



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