Space Dance in the Tube, Jan 9 - 25 2009, Thailand

Dance- Installation- and Performance- Workshop with Tetsuro Fukuhara (Tokyo Space Dance)  Bangkok - Ratchburi

New Butoh & Boundary Objects : Coming into Contact with Space, Experience and Expression is a Butoh-based dance workshop and performance series exploring the kinetic space of our existence and our unity with our environment through interactions with Tube Space. The Tube, an invention of Tokyo Space Dance, is a flexible environment and a dance tool that allows the human body to explore its posture, gravity and essential personality. Tube Space is the spatial reality made fluid by the nature of the tube’s inner and outer perspectives, developed into a multi-media installation of performance activated architecture. >>> read more
This workshop is a collaboration between Dhamma Theatre West and Tokyo Space Dance.pr_spd_1.html
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The Dhamma Artist’s Intensive invites you to experience and study sacred art forms, ritual theatre, dance, design and performance in Thailand.
Learning to speak a language that is purely individual - Seeking transformation, Siddhartha followed many roads, finding enlightenment in the journey of his own experience: The Intensive cultivates the language of the individual artist and engages performance as a practice, that unifies the many contradictory aspects of the self into a harmonious whole moment that is truth. The program offers vigorous physical training with Masters of Thai Performing Arts in combination with exploratory workshops led by Artists of contemporary forms, creating a trans-cultural immersion experience in the ancient and modern environment of Thailand and Hindu-Buddhist mythology. By exploring the performance of mythology we encounter a cultural mirror through which we come to know ourselves in many incarnations.    >>>read morepr_dai_08_program.html
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Dhamma Artist Intensive, Thailand, 2008 
Bangkok - Chiang Mai, July 3 - 28, 2008pr_dai_08_program.html
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