Trailer „EDIETS – Everyday Is / Isn´t Exactly The Same“

Multi-Media-Performance, 30 Min., Alliance Francaise, Rangoon, Myanmar, February 2010

Conceived & Directed by U Lu Way Le & Patrick Palucki

Sound: DJ Kavas

Funded by Goethe Institut Jakarta

The performance is consisting of three acts. The first is a video-projection of a recorded interview of seven young people from Rangoon who are asked the question if everyday is the same to them or not. The video is projected onto seven chairs in a space that is empty except from some cobblestones on the floor near the sidewalls.

In the second act the interviewed people enter the space and begin to pick up a stone and carry it to the other side to put it down, pick up another one and so forth. Meanwhile advertising messages from billboards and shops that were photographed in central Rangoon are projected onto the back wall.

In the third act a girl of the group sits down on a chair and starts to slap her face to the rhythm of a song. A dharma wheel is projected onto her body which spins in an ever-accelerating manner until it is a white spotlight.