Dhamma Theatre West is an international non-profit arts and education organization. The organization is formed as a collective of artists and educators in order to engender, support, and facilitate intercultural community and contemporary collaborations between artists and audiences of diverse backgrounds.

The efforts of the organization are devoted to serving regional and international communities by generating opportunities for art education and discovery through the exploration of local, foreign, traditional and contemporary forms.

While Dhamma Theatre West is continuously seeking to activate collaboration amongst the international art community, programs of the organization are dedicated to sustaining and enriching the cultures and communities where they are created; and to extending the voice of regional artists into the greater international community through the intimacy of contact, experience, and collaboration with each other.


The mission of the organization is based on the belief that, art is an essential human endeavor, a key component in our communal evolution, and we as artists have the vital opportunity to assist that evolution by gathering ourselves together in the spirit of communication.

As artists and educators we believe that through the mediums of art and performance, we can develop communications that transcend the boundaries of language and culture. Our collaborations enable us to understand each other, to exist in communion and to move forward into a future of ideas and forms that have yet to be born of our human ingenuity.